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Eco-friendly heating installations – Intermet seated in Elbląg

Heating installations offered by Intermet combine anti-smog solutions, modern technologies and reliability. Our boilers produce thermal energy using biomass as a fuel - from clean biomass: chips, bark or sawdust to wood-based waste (e.g. MDF, HDF).

Industrial heating units by Intermet have become a reliable choice throughout Europe, whether in furniture factories, sawmills or other woodworking industries. Our boilers and peripheral devices are innovative and of high quality. Advanced automation systems enable their operation and monitoring from mobile apps. At Intermet, we rely on environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient solutions – proven by numerous certificates and attestations.


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Ekomar MR

Ekomat MR

MR type boiler is a model designed for the combustion of biomass with high moisture content - e.g. bark, wood chips. Fully eco-friendly and technologically advanced units are offered in the capacity ranging from 1000 kW to 3000 kW. Ekomat MR is equipped with systems facilitating boiler’s operation and maintenance. Each unit is fitted with a pneumatic fuel feeding system.

Ekomat RTPO

RTPO type boiler is designed for thermal treatment of wood-based waste - e.g. MDF and HDF boards. The offered installations are equipped with all necessary components of waste incineration plant, therefore they met even the strictest emission standards.

Ekomat RTPO
Ekomat II

Ekomat II

It is technologically advanced, low-temperature water-operated boiler. Ekomat II model is designed for combustion of dry biomass, in the form of sawdust, pellets, chips and other forms of clean biomass. It is offered in the capacity range from 520 kW to 2800 kW.

 We offer plants customised to our customer’s requirements and needs.


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