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wooden chips, bark


<150mm (G50, G100)




1000-3000 kW

Ekomat MR



Ekomat MR Power Unit is designed for combustion of biomass in the form of chips of coniferous wood, deciduous wood and sawdust or bark with a moisture content of up to 55% and a size of up to 10cm.
Ekomat MR boilers are steel, water-operated, low-temperature boilers with four draught flue gas circuit. In standard, each unit is equipped with a hydraulically-driven sliding grate, which intensifies the fuel moisture evaporation and, consequently, makes the combustion process more efficient. MR series boilers are fed by a piston driving fuel to the combustion chamber. Biomass is transported to the boiler room by a system of redlers - chain conveyors linked to a biomass container or storage.
An automatic slag and ash removal system from under and above the grate is also a standard component of this series boilers. It facilitates cleaning and maintenance of the combustion chamber by removing residues of combustion process. Additionally, the units are equipped with an emergency cooling system of a heat exchanger and air-cooling system of a grate.
Boilers of Ekomat MR series are fully automated. Advanced controllers control all the unit’s operating parameters. In addition, we provide remote access to the control panel, via a mobile app, enabling, among others, online diagnostics.

We offer:

  • Design of the installation tailored to the customer’s needs and capabilities
  • Mechanical assembly of the installation – connection of all its components
  • Electrical installation – delivery and connection of control cabinets including the wiring of the boiler and of all boiler components
  • Commissioning works of the unit, setting he boiler’s operating parameters as well as training in device operation and maintenance


Construction of the boiler


etmr furnace


EKOMAT MR 1000 kW 1500 kW 2000 kW 3000 kW
Connection DN/PN  [mm/bar] 125/6 150/6 200/6 200/6
Flow of exhaust gas* [m3/h] 6 800 10 190 13 600 20 380
Hydraulic resistance [kPa] 10 10 25 25
Water capacity [m3] 4,30 5,60 7,35 9,90
Diameter of chimney [mm] 400 500 600 700
Weight [kg] 19 000 24 400 30 850 40 400
Efficiency [%] 85-90 85-90 85-90 85-90

Reference temperature 180o



1000 kW 2160 1400 4000 7400 6830 3700
1500 kW 2410 1650 4300 7700 7130 3990
2000 kW 2610 1850 4560 8190 7620 4280
3000 kW 2870 2050 5020 8770 8200 4860


Fuel feeding options

Ekomat MR


Ekomat MR with 20 m3 container. Containers are equipped with hydraulically driven rakes. They transport fuel from the whole space of a tank to a chain conveyor. Then, fuel is transported to a feeding drawer, wherefrom it is fed to a combustion chamber.

Ekomat MR with biomass storage. The rake, with a maximum length of 12 m, is driven by hydraulic cylinders. It is designed to transport fuel from the whole storage space to a chain conveyor. Then, fuel is transported to a feeding drawer, wherefrom it is fed to a combustion chamber.


Ekomat MR



Production line


Ekomat MR linia produkcyjna




maszyna 47
maszyna 48
maszyna 49
maszyna 50
maszyna 51
maszyna 52
maszyna 53
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Files to download:

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