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wooden waste (MDF, HDF)




<30 mm


500-3000 kW

Ekomat RTPO

Ekomat RTPO


Ekomat RTPO Power Unit is designed for the thermal treatment of wood-based, "non-hazardous" waste, including post-production waste from furniture factories (MDF, HDF boards). The maximum moisture content of the fuel is 25% and size - up to 30 mm. Ceramic combustion chamber is equipped with retort furnace and hydraulically-driven sliding grate. The boiler unit has been extended with an additional afterburning chamber ensuring that the flue gas stays in the high temperature environment for 2 seconds after the last air supply. The standard equipment of any waste thermal treatment plant include:

  • flue gas recirculation system, contributing to the emission reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  • oil or gas burner
  • multi-cyclone, performing preliminary dust extraction from flue gas
  • Elenergy electrostatic filter ensuring high efficiency of dust extraction from flue gas
  • connection point for the system of ammonia injection (SNCR) to the combustion chamber.

Ekomat RTPO is a boiler designed in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Development of 21 January 2016 on the requirements for conducting the thermal waste treatment process.
Boilers of Ekomat RTPO series are fully automated. Advanced controllers control all the unit’s operating parameters. In addition, we provide remote access to the control panel, via a mobile app, enabling, among others, online diagnostics.

We offer:

  • Design of the installation tailored to the customer’s needs and capabilities
  • Mechanical assembly of the installation – connection of all its components
  • Electrical installation – delivery and connection of control cabinets including the wiring of the boiler and of all boiler components
  • Commissioning works of the unit, setting he boiler’s operating parameters as well as training in device operation and maintenance
  • Performance of emission tests by an authorized body and delivery of a report specifying the results of the measurements of the emission of individual pollutants.


Construction of the boiler




EKOMAT RTPO 500 kW 1000 kW 1500 kW 2000 kW 3000 kW
Connection DN/PN [mm/bar] 100/6 125/6 150/6 200/6 250/6
Flow of exhaust gas * [m3/h] 2160 4320 6480 8100 12240
Hydraulic resistance [kPa] 20 20 20 30 30
Water capacity [m3] 2,65 4,80 5,90 7,10 10,00
Diameter of chimney [mm] 300/150/80 350/180/100 400/200/113 450/225/130 500/250/180
Weight [kg] 11 050 21 350 26 600 35 000 53000
Efficiency [%] 85-90 85-90 85-90 85-90 85-90

Teoretyczne zapotrzebowanie na powietrze [Nm3/kgpal]

3,76 3,76 3,76 3,76 3,76

 Reference temperature 180o


budowa inna perspektywa


500 kW 2180 1250 4200 4070 2830
1000 kW 2430 1450 4500 4940 3700
1500 kW 2630 1650 4900 5230 3990
2000 kW 2950 1900 5250 5670 4280
2800 kW 3120 2050 5750 6040 4840


Fuel feeding options

Ekomat RTPO


Ekomat RTPO with biomass storage and rolled tank. The rake, with a maximum length of 12 m, is driven by hydraulic cylinders. It is designed to transport fuel from the whole storage space to a screw conveyor. Then, fuel is transported to a rolled tank, wherefrom it is fed to a retort located in a combustion chamber.

Ekomat RTPO with rolled 1.8 m3 or 4.2 m3 tank. The tank is equipped with planetary gear driving profiled raking arms. Using a screw conveyor, fuel is fed to the retort located in the combustion chamber.

Ekomat RTPO


Ekomat RTPO


Ekomat RTPO with 5.5 m3 or 20 m3 container. Containers are equipped with hydraulically driven rakes. They transport fuel from the whole space of a tank to a screw conveyor. Using a screw conveyor, fuel is fed to the retort located in the combustion chamber.

Production line

Linia produkcyjna



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